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Williams Jungle Lord Pinball  $1350.00

This machine features a dual playfield an upper and lower playfield very similar to the Black Knight machine.  It has several goodies like a magna save on either side of the out lanes, a mini playfield in the upper left with a mini- ball shot to gain bonus. It also has a 2 ball multi-ball feature.

  The playfield condition is very good with some paint chips in a few spots, but not that bad, back glass has a few paint chips as well but looks fine as you can see from the photos.

The machine has been shopped out and is ready to go. 30 day repair warranty.

Video coming soon.









Playmatic New World $550.00

Great looking and playing electro-Mechanical pinball, Great entry level machine hard to find in this good physical condition. Playfield looks great with only scuff toward one flipper, no wear on the playfield that i can detect. It has been Shopped out and ready to play. Play now pay later by using your visa credit card.



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