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Williams Stellar Wars $950.00

I have a great looking stellar wars, works as it should, playfield has slight wear, backglass is in very good condition with only a couple of small  paint chips.  The cabinet looks great, but the bottom of the cabinet in the back has some wood gone, but it is not noticeable and cannot be seen from the top or sides, only underneath. This is a wide body machine with all boards repaired and score displays look great.  30 Day Repair only Warranty after 30 days a reduced repair rate will apply.   Hey you can charge it! on your visa or MasterCard. If you don’t have the money up front. This is a great starter machine and as always if you have problems i am here to help.



 DSCN0496_1024x768 DSCN0497_1024x768 DSCN0498_1024x768 DSCN0499_1024x768 DSCN0500_1024x768 DSCN0501_1024x768 DSCN0502_1024x768


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